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Air Guitar

US Air Guitar National Finals, August 6, 2016 at the Empire Control Room in Austin, Texas. 

1. Bjorn Turoque (the MC)

2. Nordic Thunder (guest, 2012 world champion)

3. Erik Ittari...izord

4. Mom Jeans Jeanie

5. Lumbairjack

6. The Artist Formerly Known As Sahexy

7. His Airness

8. Airistotle (the winner)

9. The Shred

10. Tyranicus

11. Eddie Hands-Flailin'

12. Link

13. The Jolly Green Shredding Machine

14. Eric Von Airicsson

15. Andres SegoviAIR

16. General ManagAIR

17. Mean Melin (guest, 2013 world champion)

18. The Jolly Green Shredding Machine in a finalist's encore

Note: In some photos, distracting background objects removed and context-aware image extension used.


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