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The images for this site were made by reference to a wide gamut 2.5k 27" semi-glossy PC display, calibrated for sRGB emulation.

Photographs through 1988 were made with 35mm ASA 400 film (and perhaps a few with ASA 125), except the color were made with 35mm ASA 25 or ASA 64 transparency film, or 35mm ASA 100 color film, or 35mm ASA 25 or ASA 200 transparency film converted to black and white, or 35mm ASA 100 color film converted to black and white. 

Photographs from 2012 onward were made with a full frame 21 mp sensor or a crop frame 18mp sensor.

11x14 inch (8x12 inch image area) archival digital pigment prints are made on 320 gsm glossy alpha-cellulose baryta paper from 16 bit RGB files, from (1) RAW files saved as TIF files or (2) original negative (or transparency) scans saved as TIF files. 


It is not needed to mention all the image editor tools used, but perhaps the following techniques should be stated: (1) Retouching to blend edges around adjustments for brightness, contrast, color, sharpness, noise, etc.  (2) Retouching to better delineate minor details, to eliminate minor distractions or for restoration. (3) Due to framing limitations of the film scanner, for some images it was necessary to retouch to achieve straight edges. (4) Perspective correction and/or content-aware cropping along with fabrication at the corners. Generally those techniques were not used to alter substantive aspects of the scenes, but in a few cases, some changes might require further mention, and that information is included with the captions.

This disclosure is made solely to prevent pointless controversy regarding authenticity. My purpose as a photographer is to express my ideas, feelings and sense of beauty, and hopefully thereby to engage the viewer's own intellect, emotions and aesthetic appreciation. My craft usually tends toward photographing scenes as I encounter them. That happens to be how I most naturally work, but I reject a dogma that art made by working in other ways has less merit or is "dishonest". So actually I would have less integrity if I allowed myself to be dissuaded, by fear of disapproval, from improving images by using editing techniques that feel natural and convenient for me. Yet, with these kinds of pictures, it is understandable that people don't want to feel fooled. So I state up front what techniques have been used while I hope that viewers are not preoccupied with such allowances but instead are open to the meanings, forms and beauty of the pictures. However, any published versions of the images for journalistic purposes must adhere to industry standards fulfilling reasonable expectations of literal accuracy.

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Research Boulevard at Fairfield Drive, Austin, Texas, September 23, 2020

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